EXPENSE iNBOX is equipped with a built-in intuition that supports every level of computer literacy. Let’s take a look at how immensely you can benefit from this powerful system:

Employee, Jack Carter, has just returned from a department-approved business trip. His boss is traveling as well and will not return for another two weeks. Previously, Jack would have to wait for two weeks to get the process started. Now, however, Jack can simply log in to his employee account with EXPENSE iNBOX and submit his expenses. He uploads scans of his tickets, hotel and food bills, and can make cash vouchers online for his cab fares and other miscellaneous expenses adding explanations where necessary.

 All the expense information is immediately available to Jack’s boss. Mr. Henry Wilding gets email notification for all expenses pending approval. He now logs into his manager account and sees that Jack has submitted his expenses for approval. He can approve the various vouchers or ask for additional information such as the scanned copies of bills that Jack may have overlooked.

The expenses that are approved by Henry are immediately sent to the finance processing team for processing and Jack’s expenses get resolved long before Mr. Henry gets back to office.

Mr. Henry’s trip goes on longer than expected and he has to immediately jump into the tedious work of budget reports. Previously, this was tedious and stressful work, but now he has all his data ready and he can pull up visuals of various expense-related data at will. Thanks to EXPENSE iNBOX, he has been able to easily monitor his department’s spending throughout the year and has been able to keep his department within its budget while focusing on his real priorities of getting the company new clients.